NTOK Cotton is a cotton industry partnership which supports

and encourages increased cotton production

in the Rolling Plains of North Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas

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Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 11 December 11 2013

Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 10 September 17 2013

Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 9 August 30 2013

Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 8 August 22 2013

Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 7 August 5 2013

Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 6 July 19 2013

Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 5 July 5 2013

Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 4 June 26 2013

Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 3 May 30 2013

Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 2 April 23 2013

Cotton Comments March 18 2013 Supplement

Cotton Comments Volume 3 edition 1 March 18 2013

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Cotton Comments 2011


Field Tour & Tipton Valley Research Center Dedication May 2 2014


NCC Conducting Farm Bill Education Meetings




2013 Cotton Variety Trials


Insecticide - Nematicide Seed Treatment Chart 2013


Combined RACE Single Variable Tables Sorted by 3-Site Mean


2013 Premium Rate Adjustment




News release of MEYMIK  15 G January 2, 2012


2012 Cotton Variety Tests


PSS 2158 Cotton Yield Goal - N Rate Recommendations 2012


2012 Extension Trial Location Summary


Oklahoma T Yields Updated 12-10-12


2012 RMA Crop Indemnities as of November 26 2012


2012 Harvest Aid Tables Handout


2012 Cotton Variety Growth Potential


2012 Cotton Herbicide Suggestions Handout


Thrips Control In Cotton 2012



2011 RMA Crop Indemnities As of December 19 2011


2011 Blaine County Extension Irrigated Results


2011 Garfield County Extension Dryland Results


2011 Beckham County Extension Irrigated Results


Harmon County Harvest Aid Demonstrations Virtual Plot Tour 2011


2011 Harvest Aid Tables Handout


Oklahoma Mesonet Station Weather Data Summaries For Southwest Oklahoma  For the Months of April, May and June 2011


2011 Seed Replant & Drought Relief Program Information Link to Plains Cotton Growers Web Site



2010 Extension Cotton County Variety Performance Report 


2009 Extension Cotton County Variety Trial Results


Cotton Harvest Aid Suggestions 2010



Making Replant Decisions - 2007

Abilene Classing Office December 8 Report

Managing Herbicide Resistance in Cotton Systems


Last Spring First Fall 30-Year Freeze Dates - Oklahoma North Texas


Texas A&M AgriLife Cotton Videos


Herbicide Program Suggestions For Fighting and Preventing Glyphosate Resistant Pigweed


Irrigation Capacity ET Replacement and N In Water


COTMAN Cutout Dates - All Locations


Plant Growth Regulator Management - Handout


Nodes Above White Flower Tracking Form


Monitoring Cotton Pre-Bloom Fruiting in Oklahoma


Monitoring Cotton Post-Bloom Fruiting in Oklahoma


Fighting Glyphosate Resistance in Cotton


Boll Maturity and Late Season Heat Unit Accumulation


Insecticide - Nematicide Seed Treatment Chart


Seed Cotton Handling and Storage PDF-0810 


The Spindle-Type Cotton Harvester PDF-0810 


Stripper Harvesting PDF-0810 


Oklahoma Final Planting Dates


Crop Insurance Adjustment Non Emergence Timeline


Cotton Boll and

Fiber Development


Horseweed Control in No-Till Cotton

Evaluating Field

Trial Data


"The First Forty Days"

Sprayer Calibration


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2013 Extension Cotton Project Annual Report


2012 Extension Cotton Project Annual Report


2011 Extension Cotton Project Annual Report


2010 Extension Cotton Annual Report


2009 Extension Cotton Annual Report


2008 Extension Cotton Annual Report


2007 Extension Cotton Annual Report 


2006 Extension Cotton Annual Report


2005 Extension Cotton Annual Report


Oklahoma Cotton Council

Producers Cooperative Oil Mill

Plains Cotton  Cooperative Association

Oklahoma Unit  National  Cotton Council of America

Triangle Insurance

Western Equipment


Helena Chemical Company

Consolidated Bearing &Supply of Altus, LLC

Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council, Inc


First National Bank in Altus



Oklahoma Cotton Council Ginners Handbook

Oklahoma Mesonet Agweather

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